It’s time to say goodbye


The past 6 weeks have opened my mind into one that studies things in detail. I look at the media in a completely new way. I look at photos or adds or television shows and I think “Whos owns this?” , “What was their purpose” or “What was their intention?”.
BCM110 has helped me understand what is actually happening in society through the lectures and tutorials and mostly, my fellow BCM110 Bloggers.  Reading all their posts I have a clear understanding of the subject and why we are studying it.

My thoughts and perceptions of the media have changed dramatically. Not in a good nor bad way but it shocks me what is going on. How the media has such a high role in society and how much it influences us.
This experience has been that of an intellectual and inspiring one. I know I will learn a lot more as the course progresses and honestly, I cannot wait.



Will it always be “too soon”?

You know those shows or movies that you love to hate and when you hear something so terrible but so funny you laugh hysterically and then go “TOO SOON!”
Did you think of one?
I’ve got a few in my head. South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy.
In this blog post I’m going to talk about the undeniably hilarious but cringe-worthy show ‘Family Guy’ created my Seth Mcfarlane.
Now this show is known for it’s politically incorrect jokes and black humour, but recently there has been some controversy over one of the episodes in season 10, “Back to the pilot” The episode is about two of the main characters Brian and Stewie, who go back in time and stop 9/11 from happening which then causes a civil war. So, they must go back and ensure that It actually does happen.
The controversy surrounding the episode was mostly placed on the final scene where Stewie checks to see if 9/11 happened and then high fives brian when it does.

To me, I laughed loudly at this, and I am 98% sure that most people would. But I can absolutely understand why people would take offense to this, especially Americans and those affected by it. Creator Seth Mcfarlane was victim to abuse and criticism around America but states on Rove LA, that it was humorous and light. The episode was aired in 2011, ten years after the attack. Is this still too soon?
So when will it stop being ‘too soon’ or will subjects like this one forever remain ‘too soon’ in the public eye? Are some things too personal to ever be ridiculed or mocked?
Even if this was true it would not stop people like Seth Mcfarlane. He thrives off ‘too soon’ jokes and frankly, I believe a show like Family Guy wouldn’t be any where near as good if it didn’t.

Power and Control

To me, the media is a government in itself. It has an unbelievably high amount of power. It controls things, it controls people and their attitudes towards other things. We all know the media is present in our every day lives. It influences us, it instructs us and it informs us on things we do or we don’t want to know. Whether we like it or not, the media is one of the most powerful devices in the 21st century, battling against politics.
Now isn’t that a scary thought?

Is this really advertising?

Although most of us hate commercials and mostly mute the television when the coles adds come on, but there are some out that make us gasp, or make us look around the room making sure everyone else just saw that too! We all get a little excited when a controversial advertisement is shown. We think “Oooh, someone will be fired!” or “They will definitely sue” but the fact is, controversial adds are used for precisely what they do. They make people talk, laugh, gasp, cover their faces or sit up in their seats. This is what advertising is. If it works, it works.
But what happens when an advertisement has crossed the lines? And is that even possible.
I wanted to show you this advertisement below.
The picture clearly shows a pregnant woman holding a non alcoholic beer. This image pretty much tells us that women drinking normal beer will get too drunk and become pregnant. Although this would be deemed innappropate and offensvive to some women, I personally laughed loudly at this image ,although still finding it offensive!
So isn’t that the point of advertising?
It makes us look at what is in front of us and then build up a story in our minds.
Somewhat despicable, but hey, I giggled

The Blame Game

We all know that “the Media” pretty much is in 90% of our daily activities. Whether it be seeing a movie, reading the newspaper or completing a BCM110 assignment on a macbook. It is not necessarily a bad thing that technology has become a bigger part of our lives, it’s just evolution. And that is all well and good, what about the side effects? The negatives?

There is a theory called “Media Effects model” which basically states that individuals will change their behavior due to the influence of media. So, watching too much television will make you fat and playing violent video games will turn you violent. I know you might be sitting there nodding and thinking “That’s plausible”, because it is true that the media holds a high role in society but personally, to immediately link violent behaviour to one’s consumption of media is playing the blame game. Especially when it could be something much more complex like ones genetic coding, hormonal inbalance, diet, levels of activity or othersocial factors. In fact, there is evidence to support that people in prison for violcence had little to no interaction with video games or violent technology growing up.
Television and the media effects the food we eat and what toys we want but responsible for violent behaviour? Although it may seem what plausible, the sheer lack of evidence just results in the blame game.

First Year, First Post.

It is 2013 and i am at UOW! My name is Bronte Williams and i’m studying a double degree of Creative Arts and Media and Communications and I’m from the Sutherland Shire. My aspirations for Uni Life is to make new friends, develop skills in both writing and in the media and hopefully get an understanding of my future endeavours and in the courses i am studying. When i grow up i want to be a prose fiction writer (lets hope), reading and writing my way through life as a successful, professional writer.
This blog will consist of writings and ideas from research and lectures throughout the course of my study here at UOW.

And as confident as i sound, my previous blogging experience consists of unfunny facebook status’ and tumblr. And we all know tumblr is only good for one thing – reblogging photos of girls with minimal clothing on. So bare with me as i struggle to be witty in this incredibly thrilling blog about media studies and theories.

Happy blogging!